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weather story in the united states is going to be this area of low pressure sitting up over parts of the gulf of mexico. and this low pressure is going to bring on quite a bit of moisture into parts of alabama, georgia and portions of florida. it looks like rain for much of the i-10 corridor. but later in the afternoon could see a few thunderstorms pop up. we don't anticipate anything to be severe at this time. now back to haiti for a moment, let's show you the forecast they can expect in port-au-prince. for today through wednesday, high temperatures mainly into the 80s, 90s, lows into the low to mid 70s. pretty much what you would expect for this time of the year. this is basically your climate. but still, for anyone who happens to be out there and certainly trying to battle the heat, its going to be a tough time with very little water. no question -- it's a dire situation. t.j. and betty? >> all right, reynolds, thanks so much for the update. >>> a big part of the story is a lot of family members trying to find their missing loved ones in haiti. >> it's so hard, because cell pho
and my grandchildren and we're all here in the united states and we need her back here. >> ma'am, like you said, you have a couple of days, you think but what are your -- quite frankly your hope and how optimistic your that something is going to be able to get done to get her body back here before, quite frankly -- she's in no shape to come back at all and she will have to be buried? >> we're hoping for a miracle. for a huge miracle. >> i know they have to evacuate americans there and we're hoping that they can just put some of the deceased, you know, in the plane as well, the next plane or, you know, within the next two days. and, you know, bring, you know, them back home because we can't imagine my mom being buried there and us being away from her. it would just be horrible. you can see the picture. that's my mom. >> she's happy. she's happy among our children, our grandchildren. we want her to be happy right now by being with us. if someone can help us, please. listening to this story today please help us. >> guys, i know it's one thing to certainly want to fulfill your mother's wis
's from the united states, an aid worker who happened to arrive in haiti on the day of the quake. he was there to do that water project. his family has not heard from him since, but they are holding out hope for him to have made it. and you'll hear now from his mother. >> brendan has always been a very giving, serving person. he was working with u.s. a.i.d. they were evaluating the infrastructure there. he was a member of the peace corps. he's been a big brother. and knows no strangers. he's a really fun loving adventurous person. >> he happened to arrive there and at the hotel montana. the last time you heard from him he was at hotel montana before the quake, is that right? >> yes, he sent a broadcast e-mail to the family about 11 minutes before the earthquake hit to tell us he arrived safely. >> we're thinking of you and others in this situation. what are you doing to get through the day? what do you do to get through the day? what do you tell yourself? what do you hold on to? >> the hope that he'll be found and watching information on facebook and the people that they're bringing
and the united states congress, i will not be a candidate for re-election this november. >> chris dodd's announcement actually mayhem his party. dodd had a ton of plit call baggage and he faced a tough re-election in a state that democrats dominate. with dodd out, democrats have a better chance now of keeping the seat. but it's a different story in north dakota where popular senator announced his retirement. a stake in all of this, the democrats 60-seat supermajority in the senate. even if their filibuster proof margin they've had a tough time passing big bills. if they lose their supervisor mare jority in this year's elections it will be even harder for president obama and congressional democrats to advance their agenda. betty, t.j.? >> all right. you know we've been asking you this morning, there's a new survey out that says only 45% of americans are satisfied with their careers. that is a low, the lowest in two decades, in fact. so we want to know, do you like your job? we're getting a lot of responses. let me take you first to my facebook page. gregory farlow says i like it, just c
has to offer. and that is right here in the united states of america. >> well, doctors have not found whatever caused limbaugh's pain as of yet. >>> the latest now on the weather outside. reynolds wolf has been watching it for us on this second day of the new year. what's in store, reynolds? >> well, let's see, it's the second day, and we happen to have two big weather stories. one is the chance for blizzard-like conditions in the northeast and cold air part of the nation's going to be dealing with. this area of low pressure that's going to bring you nasty conditions in parts of maine, you're going to be dealing with a foot of snowfall between now and tomorrow afternoon. looking at white out conditions on parts of 95. so anyone traveling out there in terms of flying out of bangor, forget about it, it's a rough day for you. the cold weather in the center of the u.s. is startling. take a look at the numbers we have. these are current temperatures. fargo, 33 degrees below zero. that's just nuts. minneapolis, same deal, about 12 degrees below zero. thunder bay and duluth. you don't see it
slamming much of the central united states, all the way to the mid-atlantic with snow, sleet, ice, and heavy rainfall and gusty winds. what happens in the next 24 hours? we'll let you know. let's go with the ah... basic package. good choice. only meineke lets you choose your service, choose your savings. like an oil change for just $19.95. meineke. >>> well, good morning, everybody. hello. welcome back. glad you're watching this morning. i'm betty nguyen. >> and i'm t.j. holmes. 6:30 in the morning where we sit in atlanta, georgia. wherever you are, we're glad you are here with us. give you a look now at some of the top stories we're keeping an eye on right now. one of them, toyota. and the president of that company now saying he's sorry for making customers feel, quote, uneasy. sales of toyotas are expected to drop this month after a massive recall involving millions of vehicles. the carmaker says it will announce next week how it plans to fix the problem, which causes the gas pedal to stick. >>> well, are you affected by the toyota recall? do you have one of those toyotas sittin
khalid shaikh mohammed and others in the united states. there's a good reason why the government has had such a hard time transferring these terrorist detainees to other countries. they are the worst of the worst. no one should want them. that's why we should put in place a process by which these terrorists should be held and tried as enemy combatants by military commissions. to keep terrorists out of america act will also help to ensure that we're treating terrorism as what it is, a war crime, not a law enforcement issue. >> well, president obama has said that a series of mistakes kept investigators from uncovering the attempt on flight 253. >> investigators had been tracking this guy's path from nigeria to detroit. there is, however, a period of time where he is simply unaccounted for. >> investigators especially want to know where abdulmutallab was and doing during a two-month period when he was in yemen. our international security correspondent is in yemen's capital and looking into this. >> reporter: betty, t.j., american officials said here on the ground in the days after the chris
. problem on top of problem. >> yeah. and that south central united states, the pan hand of texas and into oklahoma, that's where we've seen thousands and thousands of people still without power when they saw an accumulation of an inch or more of ice in a number of areas. now that storm system is rapidly moved towards the mid atlantic region. a big problem is not only going to be in virginia. i think that's where we'll see the heaviest snowfall. look at this pink-shaded area. in north carolina scare and south carolina,that's what we're looking at that ice and snow and they're already reporting perhaps one fatality related to the icy conditions in charlotte, north carolina. very dangerous driving conditions. not just there, but also in the durham, raleigh area, in that triad area. for virginia we're expecting some cases more than 12 inches of snowfall. this system has had a lot of energy and has had a lot of life and has lasted a long time. right now temperatures only in the 20s. not really going to do a whole lot throughout the entire day. lexington, kentucky, is only 16 degrees r
alerts must say whether suspicious travels are have visas to get into the united states or not. abdulmutallab, by the way, did have one, but that information was not passed on. so the state department is changing the rules there. >>> something people are investigating how the day's suicide bomber get past security on to a u.s. base in eastern afghanistan. that is one question facing intelligence officials in the wake of this week's deadly attack. seven cia officers were killed in that blast. cnn's atia abawi troin joi join afghanistan. is anyone claiming responsibility for the attack? >> reporter: yeah, it's the afghan taliban who sent a message on their website stating they had an afghan soldier perform that attack and afghan soldier they say used to fight alongside the u.s. forces but they had him switch allegiances saying he saw the light, saying that the soldiers are saying the u.s. forces aren't there to help them. stating that he was able to make it into a base, an american base, a very heavily fortified base, able to get into the gymnasium where he detonated his suicide
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9